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claw_atticas 07-29-2009 07:47 PM

Aquarium supplements - How much is too much?
I've been told that there are certain reef supplements (iodide and molybdenum) that aren't really advised to supplement unless you're testing for them for risk of overdose, and I was wondering about problems with other supplements?

I've heard the only problem with an overdose of calcium is precipitate, iodide can be poisonous, I don't know about molybdenum but I've heard it's not necessary... I just bought a magnesium test kit, and I was wondering the dangers of that. I've been using Kent Marine Superbuffer which has sodium, magnesium, and potassium, and reef crystals for salt which has extra calcium and "select trace elements".

My calcium usually stays between 400 to 450, but when I checked my magnesium, it says sea water has 1270ppm magnesium, though my testing showed 1380ppm in my tank.

So while wondering if there's any dangers to overdosing on magnesium, I also was wondering what the problems would be with an overdose of chemicals like strontium, bromide, iron, potassium, etc?

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