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saulat 07-28-2009 08:08 AM

Kuhli Loach Question
Hoping I could ask a question. I mistakingly bout a tire track eel on the LFS suggestion. He is now in my cousins tank. I picked up 3 kuhli loaches and am not sure how they are doing. It seemed like one was curled up and laying upside down for long periods. The other two are always hiding. Yeserday I saw one eat a flake that fell in front of him but I have not observed them eating otherwise and I have several active bottom feeders that attack food. I feed a variety of foods and some blanched veggies. I also read they take a while to acclimate. I poked the corner loach cause I thought it was dying and it went crazy swimming in tight circles and I though it may have been injured. Anyone have any suggestions for me, feeding or anything to help them, I wanted to get some more at some point. Ill probably add some more current and or an airwand or powerhead for them. I have small gravel and a planted tank. I read on here that there are a few subspecie of the kuhli, what are good mates for the kuhli? Thanks for any help Ill try to post some pics later.

saulat 07-28-2009 10:01 PM

Well still no reply. I just added an airstone/bubblewand for more current. I have noticed them eating some but right now the most I see is 2. One of them was just going crazy spinning around and banging his head into the gravel. I think he may be the only one doing it but not sure. I think he is just trying to burrow. I guess I should have gone with sand like I initially wanted to. Maybe I'll set up a quarentine tank and keep them in there with some sand. I only see them around and under my Echinodorus plant. I plan on having my tank pretty well carpeted with plant matter, perhaps this will help also.

saulat 07-29-2009 09:36 PM

Well I just saw all 3 and have observed some eating. I guess they are doing ok, still not sure gravel is good for them.

On a side note, have a horror story. My cousin has like 6 tanks or so. One of his newer ones, a 70 gallon upstairs in his newer home sprung a leak. He heard water and oh my god it was half empty. By the time he tore that and the tank below it down water was coming thru his kitchen ceiling. About 6000$ in damage.

aunt kymmie 07-30-2009 12:48 AM

$6,000.00?? Yikes.

Glad your kuhlis are eating. I keep loaches and I never considered anything other than sand when I set up the tank. It's not that hard to swap out gravel for sand, if you are considering it. I'd think by getting it carpeted with plants that would help as far as their comfort. I'm not sure on other tankmates but I do know that kuhlis do best in groups. They are shy and with a larger number they'll be less so. If it was me (and it's not!) I'd consider adding at least two more.

saulat 07-31-2009 01:38 AM

I think I will add some more. They are hanging out more together by solely on, under, or around the echinodorus. Might pic up another of those as well as some root tab fertilizer tomorrow.

saulat 07-31-2009 04:28 PM

Picked up 3 babies today for a total of 6. Think I'll be more attentive to feeding them at night, should help.

aunt kymmie 07-31-2009 04:43 PM

Nice. I'm sure they are going to appreciate being in such a nice grouping. :-)

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