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MXS 07-28-2009 07:36 PM

What do you guys think?
Alright, I have two 10 gallons, one is cycled, one is not set up yet but will be shortly.

The set up tank has black gravel, a black background, two fake white plants, an airstone, and a white shell inside. I was originally going to put white fish inside to make a cool black and white tank but I changed my mind. Here it is -

The second tank will have light and medium brown gravel.

I plan to put dwarf puffers in one 10 gallon and a crayfish in the other. I haven't decided if it's going to be an electric blue crayfish or just a normal brown on yet..

What do you think would look better/be better

A. Put the Dwarf Puffers in the already set up tank (black one), take out the white plants and the shell and add real plants. Put the crayfish in the other 10 gallon with brown gravel and a rock cave.

B. Put the crayfish in the black tank, add a rock cave and some other plants. Put the freshwater puffers in the 10 gallon with the brown gravel and buy plants.

What do you think would be better?
I think that A would be easier but I didn't know if dwarf puffers would look good in a black tank.

Guppyluver4ever 07-28-2009 08:11 PM

i think crayfish in black and white and puffers in brown graveled one

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