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Brahmza 09-10-2013 04:23 AM

125G Tank Stocking (Severum, Clowns, Rainbows...)
Hey everyone. I'm working through my stocking list and making plans for a new tank. I currently have a 55G with my juvenile severums in it (Super Reds, under 1"). Keep in mind I am upgrading tanks to a 125g in the beginning of 2014, and all of the fish on the list will be purchased as juveniles. Here is the stocking list I'm currently working with - -

2 Super Red Severums (Keeping 1 pair after they get bigger)
6 Lake Terbera Rainbows
6 Turquoise Rainbows
6-10 Clown Loaches (Unsure if will work, never had them before)
6-10 Denisons Barbs
And ONE of the following - - Tiger Oscar, Blue Acara, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

I'm not sure if I'll be able to go any of the last ones, but I'd like to have a fish that gets (maybe) bigger than the severums that would be alright on its own, but wouldn't snack on my denisons barbs. Any info would be great!

Edit: Also considering a black ghost knife (Instead of the last 3 mentioned).

henningc 09-12-2013 12:33 AM

Just my opinion, I think the severums will eat just about everything on the list once they grow. Keep the 55gal handy. I would stay away from adding a jack, they can be ok or hell on wheels. The acara may be your best bet.

Brahmza 09-12-2013 05:48 AM

As far as I know, the only thing on the list that could be eaten by the Sevs would be the denisons, but I don't believe he would bother them.

Brahmza 09-12-2013 06:15 AM

What about the group of clowns, would they be suitable in a 125G tank? I really want the Blue Acara, but I can't find them small enough in my LFS. If I order online it'll cost like 45$ with shipping, whereas in stores is only around 8$

jaysee 09-12-2013 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by Brahmza (Post 2995610)
As far as I know, the only thing on the list that could be eaten by the Sevs would be the denisons, but I don't believe he would bother them.

The denisons are not in jeopardy of being eaten.

The severums won't eat anything on that list. I think it's a good list, though clown loaches aren't such a good fit. A 125 is boarder line big enough, but really when you see large specimens, it's apparent that the tank is not big enough. I'd go for a smaller loach.

Agent13 09-12-2013 03:22 PM

I have 3 young clown loaches(about 2-2.5 inches) in my 75 (and I would highly never recommend that btw lol) but they are within the month being upgraded to a 240g and even in that I'm really not 100% comfortable putting more then those 3 because of how huge they get. Not only are they about 1 foot as an adult they are a FAT fish. I would take that off your list...because only 1 would be suitable for a 125 and they need to be in groups.

BTW...what did you do with your Syndontis Petricola?

jaysee 09-12-2013 03:43 PM

Agreed - the fish will ultimately reach a foot long in length, as well as girth.

Brahmza 09-12-2013 11:14 PM

Well, my petricolas were all about 3/4" big, but I lost all but 1 of them within a few days. Pretty sure it was due to a little filter malfunction. But, if I'm not getting the clowns, are there another kind of shoaling fish that get to maybe 6" big? Maybe a group of pictus cats or something? Not too sure. I'm going in a few days to get the rainbows and denisons, and the acara if I can find it.

jaysee 09-12-2013 11:18 PM

I'm getting pictus cars for my new 125.

Brahmza 09-12-2013 11:20 PM

How many would be best? Could I still get a group of 6-8 of them?

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