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sabertstxvii 07-27-2009 08:58 AM

I think I'm the only person with a 70
I recently purchased a 70 gal tank.This is my first time using a 70 gal tank. I previously had a 30 gal and wanted to go up in size so I am a bit unsure of the set up requirements. 70 gal also seems to be a different size because i've done alot of searching and not many people seem to have a 70 gal tank, or atleast they dont have much about it online; so I need help.

The original owner used it as a salt water reef tank so in the purchase he included UG filters. I knkow UG filters arent exactly reccomended for cichlids because they like to dig, but i was going to try to make it work. Any thoughts? When I get down to school I plan on setting up the tank and getting lots of rocks. If i do go with the UG filter, will the rocks be too heavy for it?

Also, this is the species combination I was going to work with, but I'm not exactly sure how many total fish will work from these species in a 70 gal tank. I go to school in Virginia and I really only know of PetsMarts around, not many local exotic fish stores, so I'm probably going to order the fish so I want to get it right the first time.

Yellow Labs
Yellowtail Acei
(possibly a 5th specie of Rusty's)

What do you think?

Byron 07-27-2009 09:46 AM

I'll leave it for one of the several african cichlid experts on here to comment specifically on the species, but as for the undergravel I would not use it for the reason you give (fish dig in the substrate). Also, there are better filters available, the canister types are my personal favourite, and they have the benefit that the mechanical filtering is outside the tank so you can clean it, replace it, adjust it...not so easy with an undergravel. If the undergravel is clogged or something happens with the plates, you have to fix it which may involve pulling it up.

I have a 70g, but I think most aquariums in this size range (dimensions length and width) are probably a 75g which is a bit taller than my 70g.

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