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ikcaj 07-27-2009 06:38 AM

Proper Feeding of Tropical Fish (Beginner Class)
This is probably a silly question but I've searched a lot of places and can't find the answer.

I have a 22 gallon tank with 2 neon tetras, 2 glofish, and 1 blue guppy. All fish are less than 1/2" in length. Water tests perfectly, temp is constant at 80 F, no signs of illness. But as far as I can tell, they are not eating.

I am feeding them Tetra Min Tropical Fish Flakes. I place enough flakes for the glofish to grab them off the top and some to filter down to my tetras. But either they aren't hungry or they don't like this food.

What is the simplest, yet best food for these fish?

Romad 07-27-2009 06:51 AM


I have lots of tetras in my tank and they love Hikari micro pellets and Sera GVG mix. They get a treat once a week of frozen bloodworms.

You might have to try a few diff. types initially but all your fishies should get a well balanced diet consisting of flakes, pellets, protiens.

There are many people on this forum who are much more knowledgeable than myself but you should give us some more info first.

Are your fish under any type of stress? Is it a new tank and maybe they haven't gotten acclimated to their environment yet? Was the tank fully cycled before you added the fish?

I'll let the pros. help you further. Good luck.

adiumroot 07-27-2009 07:02 AM

I've heard hikari micropellets is good.
Are the fish new? Some fish are quite skittish or shy when first brought home. They might not eat for a couple of days, but it's normal.

A bit off topic, but I noticed that you only have 2 neon tetras. They would appreciate it if you put them in shoals of 6 or more. Since you have a 22 gallon, you have space for possibly 8 more neon tetras. Some people will say even more. Plus, the sight of a shoal synchronized swimming is very nice.

1077 07-27-2009 07:20 AM

In my humble opinon, Temp is a bit warm for neons who would appreciate temps between 75 and 77 degrees. Guppies would prefer warmer water closer to the 80 degrees you have presently ,but would also do ok with the cooler temps. Many fish will forage the bottom of the tank after the food at surface is gone. Better to feed too little than too much. I would maybe have the water tested to see that no toxins are present if the tank is newly set up.

Byron 07-27-2009 09:25 AM

I fully concur with the answers from 1077 and aliumroot; you should make the changes they suggest. And Romad is correct on variety, always use different prepared foods to ensure both a balance (in case this or that is missing in one or other type) and for variety. I use 3-4 different manufacturers flake (and 3 different tablet for bottom feeders) mornings, and frozen daphnia or bloodworms evening. The fish are hungy enough in the morning to eat the prepared foods, and they are these days high in protein.

ikcaj 07-28-2009 07:18 AM

Thank you for all the advice. The aquarium was set up in advance and filtered. I used a stress enzyme and slime coating prior to placing the fish. I have a water testing kit (not test strips) and everything check out OK in terms of PH, chlorine, ammonia, etc.

I am concerned about the temperature as 1077 mentioned. The seller (Pet Smart) told me to keep the tank at 80 degrees. I'm hearing it will be okay at 77? The guppy and the two "glofish" (I don't remember thier scientific name) will be alright at that level as well? I have noticed that at 80 they all tend to swim a bit frenetically. I thought it might be too warm, but wasn't sure.

I will get some additional food today as suggested above. Thanks again for your time.

adiumroot 07-28-2009 12:05 PM

I don't see any problem with lowering it to 77. Guppies tolerate a wide range of temperatures. I don't know exactly know what these "glofish" are but there's a very big chance they won't be harmed. Do these "glofish" hang with the neon tetras? If they are, they might be a related species.

Also, if you're gonna lower the temperature, do it gradually. Lower it by a degree, wait around an hour, then lower again.

I'm looking forward to pics once you add more neon tetras. It's making me excited about getting my own school of tetras as well. :D

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