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Aluyasha 09-09-2013 04:43 AM

Balloon Molly Seriously injured.
I have a Balloon Molly that was seriously attacked about 5 days ago. She was attacked by my marbled crayfish who was "nice" up until then (crayfish now has her own tank). She got the Molly pretty bad, she has almost no fins and struggles to stay upright. Luckily she does not have any gaping wounds.
She is in a QT tank and I have been treating her with AQ salt and changing the water twice a day. She does seem better than the first day. Her first day I swore she was going to die and now she greets me and swims around almost normal. Though she still lays upside down or vertical when sleeping. She has also been able to eat some.

I was just wondering if there was any more I could do for her or if I am doing anything wrong.
She is in a 1 gallon with no filter. She cannot handle even the smallest current and the 1 gallon helps me do the water changes. She has no gravel so that she can eat flakes from the bottom.
Any info appreciated. I just want her to get better and hopefully return to her little group.

lou1387 09-09-2013 08:46 PM

hello I had a injered bumblebee catfish that just passed away yester day got sucked up into the filter impeller tried to save it to what you are doing is good the onlything I could think of is checking the ammonia and nitrites make sure there are no ammonia or nitrites check the water for those things every day till you fish is better if it starts to better try some frozen bloodworms and maby even some brine shrimp but even if she gets back to 100% keep her in the tank for a week longer with a sponge filter that you can put a airstone in or even a lees thirple flow box filter the small size would work one of the most importain things is that the water is cleen and free of nitrates and ammonia and if you see fungis start use melafix it and make sure you have a droper that can do ML's I used 1 ML for a 2 gallon bucket for my cat fish but still make sure you check the ML I hope this helps and I hope your fish gets better last thing if you use melafix make sure if you put a filter in that you dant have carbon in and make sure you are home every day at the same time for the meds it is a 7 day treatment

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