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Goldie2nd 09-08-2013 11:38 AM

What Fish Can I add to a 10 gallon tank?
I already looked through the stickies but they ended up being blank pages once they load. I have a 10 gallon tank in Florida. Right now I'm in Maryland but I hope to move back to Florida one day next year and I hope to clean up my 10 gallon tank, set it up again, cycle and then add some lively fish to it.

While this won't be for a long time I want to know what types of fish are good for a tank that size that are not a Betta Sorority and do not breed unless conditioned to, basically if I get guppies I only want males.

So how many fish and what kinds can I add to a 10 gallon tank for it to be lively and colorful all day long.

Goldie2nd 09-08-2013 04:46 PM

Here is the 10 gallon tank I have. I have more plants I'm going to add they are all fake but just to get you guys an idea. Like I said this won;t be for a while but I want to get ideas.

henningc 09-09-2013 06:29 PM

Most small tetras, cory cats, pigmy gouramis, dwarf crayfish, shrimp. I would go with lemon tetras, or neons. Corys no matter what, 4-6 of them. The pigmy gouramis are very cool lookng and 1/3 the size of a dwarf gouramis. You could go with a lot of different killie fish, they are beautiful and the eggs will make a nice snack for somebody.

jaysee 09-09-2013 08:00 PM

I couldn't imagine keeping corys in such a small tank.

jentralala 09-09-2013 11:33 PM

And on that type of substrate. Most corys reach 3 inches or more, and since they need to be kept in a you can imagine, that will overstock very quickly and they'll all be crammed for space. I would also be leery of tetras as they can also get to 2-3 inches, and again, a group will easily overstock a 10.

Off the top of my head all I can think of are male guppies or a betta fish. A ten gallon, unfortunately, doesn't have much space.

jaysee 09-10-2013 01:33 AM

Some embers tetras or microrasboras would work for schooling fish. I wouldn't go larger than an inch. A group of such fish plus a honey gourami, a snail and some shrimp would make a nice tank.

aquabruce 09-10-2013 05:57 AM

Celestial pearl danio's , shrimp, snails.

Brahmza 09-10-2013 06:22 AM

If you wanted to try something a bit more unique, you could start your own colony of Neolamprologus Multifasciatus - Or Multie - cichlids. There max size is 1.5" for the males, 1.25" for females. They like a high PH of 8-9, and hard water. They're from Lake Tanganyika, and are in the shell-dweller group. I used crushed aragonite sand to buffer my PH, tossed a few shells in with fake plants, and added 4 Multies, within a month or so I had 25 fry, and every few weeks another batch of fry. They care for there young and won't eat the fry, and you can keep them until there about .5 - .75" and bring them in to your LFS for trade. My LFS sells them for 15$, and gives 3$ on trade. Helps pay for the hobby.
Otherwise you could get a small group of pygmy cories (4 most likely for the tank size) and a few tetras of your choosing.

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