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kikacesca 07-24-2009 08:46 AM

Question about Platy: Sitting at bottom of tank, not eating
Good morning everyone.

I'm new to the community and a beginner in this world of freshwater aquariums. I've had goldfish growing up, but that's about it.

A few weeks ago, we set up our 10-gallon tank and, once set up and cycled, purchased 3 sunset platys, 2 mickey mouse platys and a blue tetra. About a week later, we noticed that our smallest sunset platy seemed a bit bloated and hid herself among the rocks at the bottom. We originally thought she might be pregant because of her behavior and the fact that she was bloated, but I could never find a gravid spot, although she seemed to have a faint red dot in the middle of her tail, above her anal fin.

A few days later, I noticed that she would repeatedly wiggle in the rocks, almost like a convulsion. I wasn't sure if she was giving birth so we moved her into the plastic breeder tank in the aquarium. We brought water to Petco to be tested for ph, ammonia and nitrates and everything seemed to be in order. By the time we placed her in the breeder tank, she wasn't as bloated as she had been when we first noticed. By the next morning, she was back to her original size. There was a bit of white, sandy gunk in the bottom of the breeder tank. I had given her a few bloodworms though, so it could be residue from those? It did appear that there was a small white ball, maybe an eight of an inch big at the bottom of the breeder tank though. Maybe it was an egg?

We kept her in the breeder tank for another day and then released her back into the tank with the other fish. She swam around and ate like normal.

Two days later, she continued to sit at the bottom of the tank, and would hide inside a plastic log. She appeared to have stopped eating and seemed to find it difficult to swim up to the top of the aquarium. She would swim about halfway to the top, vertically, and then just give up and sink back down. She did make it to the top every once in awhile though.

Worried, I set up a 2 gallon tank, cycled it, tested the water and then placed her in there. She seemed to swim more, although she still didn't eat. The next morning, she was back to sitting at the bottom of the tank. She swims to the top every once in awhile, but doesn't eat the bloodworms or flakes I put in there in the morning. She prefers to go up to the bubbles and sit in those before returning to sitting at the bottom of the tank, behind the plants. I believe the amount of time that she spends swimming at the top and the amount of time she spends sitting at the bottom are about even at this point.

Does anyone know what could be going on? I've tried to do some research online and I've run across a few places that say there might be something wrong with the water but I've had both the 10 gallon and the 2 gallon tank tested twice now and all the levels appear to be normal. I fear she may be quite stressed out and I don't want to do anything that might make it worse. Any help would be appreciated!

Guppyluver4ever 07-24-2009 05:58 PM

Its probably fine, just leave her in the tank you have her in now, its probably nothing serious, she might be pregnant and the time she was bloated she probably had some that night, and they got eaten, and then she might have some left in her stomach, so that would explain the other symtoms.

Otherwise there could be something wrong with her but i doubt it..

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