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MrWynO14 07-24-2009 02:25 AM

Convict and Jack Dempsey Help
I have a convict fish, a jack dempsey, an oscar fish, and a spotted plecos. Anyways, the Jack Dempsey is always getting punked by the Convict so he sits in the corner all scared. The Oscar is the biggest in the tank, the Convict is second biggest, and the Jack Dempsey is the smallest out of the cichlids. Is there any way I can get this convict to leave the dempsey alone? The dempsey is just a little bit smaller and if he gets bigger I think he'll fight back, because he used to. I notice that the dempsey doesn't eat much because he's always watching his back and he doesn't swim around much. His colors stay light all the time now, but when he used to fight back, his colors would be dark. I figure maybe I need some more stuff they can all hide in, but I'm short on money and am not very creative. Any help is highly appreciated.

Zombie 07-24-2009 03:27 AM

I would try to buy a few caves for them. What size tank are they in? Cichilds are aggressive fish and this behavior can be expected. You may have to rehome one of your fish.

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