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Lube716 07-22-2009 12:04 AM

Frontosa with Oscars
New to the forum, watup guys. Well here's my situation. My 2 oscars are currently in a 20 gallon and they are about 5-6". I just ordered a new aquarium frame for my 55 gallon that is sitting in my garage and will be replacing the 20 gallon asap. Now my dad bought a breeding pair of fronts, male 7" and female 5-6" about a month and a half ago. They have been living in his 125 with an 18" arowana, grapefruit sized parrot cichlid, and a very awkwardly misplaced koi. Pretty overstocked, i know. I've been jealous of his fronts for a while, and when he bought it from the guy on craigslist for $50 for both, they were actively spawning all the time. Now that they are in a bigger 125 gallon tank, they barely see each other anymore. I want to "borrow" his fronts to keep in my 55 with the oscars and 2 clown loaches to see if they will breed once again. Will this be a problem? I have read around about the pH concerns between the two cichlid species, but the pH from my dad's 125 is no different from my tank's pH, and they are perfectly fine. The pH in chicago is around 7.8. Will the oscars be agg. towards the fronts, and vice versa? I don't care about the loaches, they are tough sh**s equipped with switchblades haha. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Lube716 07-22-2009 12:06 AM

And if it helps, I am using 2 filters for the 55, a Bio-Wheel for 30 gallons and a Bio-Wheel for 70 gallons.

1077 07-22-2009 02:54 AM

In my humble opinion, I would never move fish from large tank to smaller tank unless catostrophic failure happened with large tank. I also believe that 55 gal will need more filtration with or without Fronts added to the mix. Two five or six inch oscars and clown loaches,are in my view significant load for 55 gal and my hat's off to you for keeping them healthy in the 20 gal. Frontosa in my opinion, is not as aggressive as many cichlids are but in the event that spawning activity commenced, I believe ALL cichlids are capable of doing damage to tankmates.

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