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bary trotter 07-21-2009 10:34 PM

red sword
hey i got a red sword plant from walwart how do i breed them:blueyay::greenyay::redyay:

Byron 07-23-2009 11:38 AM

Echinodorus (swords) in nature propogate two ways, sexual (flowers, seeds) and by sending out runners (flower spikes) that produce daughter plants. Propogation via flowers in an aquarium is almost impossible; the plant needs to be grown emersed (as in a bog) since in nature they reproduce with flowers during the dry season when they are in marsh conditions. During the submersed state (flood seasons) they send out runners and daughter plants instead of flowers are produced along the runners. Most Echinodorus are bog plants in the wild 9there are a few fully submersed species) that grow well permanently submersed, which is why they make excellent aquarium plants, but they seldom (i.e., never) flower under these conditions.

If the plant is happy in your aquarium (adequate light, proper nutrients, good water quality) it will send out runners in time. Echinodorus are heavy feeders especially through the roots. A plant tab or stick inserted next to the root system in the gravel will produce incredible growth and (in my experience) always lead to numerous runners.

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