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catfishtabbi 07-20-2009 05:35 PM

Do old water jugs grow algea and NITRITES ?
Two days ago (saturday) i cleaned my tank walls and skimmed the top layer of gtavel, then riverwashed it and removed All my plants which ALL had black algea on them.I added 14 gal's of my stored r/o water, then my tank had a nitRITE spike 0 ammonia .5 nitrates ph dropped to6 or less. I assunmed it was a mini- cycle and treated w. amquel and superbac only to find my nitrites on the rise. Ipurchased more r.o at my usual spot and tested it, to find that it had equal nitRITES as my tank(after14 g water chaneg). Big al's suggest that sense this the second time i've found nitrITES in my water jug that it must eb my jugs and that i should bleach them and allow them to sit several days to dry out. I have put water and r/o right in the jugs and that is all, this is a reoccuring findings for nitrites in the water which is stored in the jugs. I would love feedback, does anyone think this dx is accurate ? Are minerals enough to grow algea and nitRITES? Thanks for any input

Unrulyevil 07-20-2009 10:28 PM

hmm... how .. your jugs increasing nitrates.. ? I think that that r/o water you were getting not really r/o, and if you have black algae on your plants.. well prepare for a battle. Algae = high nitrates. Why cant you just use tab water?

catfishtabbi 07-21-2009 05:30 PM

Funny, i use r/o water because my tap contains nitrites hmmmm... and hard to manage ph of 8-9 Well i've smelt my jugs after i emptied one and it smelled funky, so i suppose they will all get bleached, for now i will use glacier springs which has only a trace no n'rites. Well see if readings change, so by for now and i'll post mt findings.

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