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mdrobc13 07-20-2009 02:16 PM

new sump/refgium setup?
Opps...wrong Here is my new post/questions for your guys.

Am setting up a sump on my new 56 gal corner set up in my guest room. So far am using a Fluval 405 cannister filter (no media...just polishing pad and few bits of live rock inside) for flow purposes. Plan to add two Koriella 2 wave/water circulators to help flow. Currently tank is set up with salt water mixed/aged and has been filled and is cycling now.

Sump being set up is a Proclear 60 Slimline Wet Dry
Proclear 60 Slimline Wet Dry + Prefilter: Aquarium Supplies - Aqua Buys

this was chosen cause it was the ONLY commercial sump I could fit under the stand for the tank. tried a 10gal old tank and it was about a few inches too big as the curve of the stand limits space either length wise or depth wise. Height is good.

Am going to add about 1" of substrate to the bottom of one of the chambers/baffles and add a separate skimmer. So far this one I've found fits pretty well:

Marineland 100 Advanced skimmer
Aquarium Protein Skimmer: Marineland Pro Skimmers

Return Pump wise am looking at a Mag Drive 3
Mag Drive 3 Pump 350 GPH: Aquarium Supplies - Aqua Buys
Am thinking or leaning toward a Mag Drive 5 but worried if it will fit in the sump OR provide too much flow back to the main tank and overflow the overflow box/prefilter.

Also am worried about loss of power/siphon break and flooding...any pros or cons vs the
ESHOPP prefilters vs the CPR prefilters?
Reef Aquarium Filtration: Eshopps Overflow Boxes
CPR Overflow Box

Yes my sump kit did not come with a prefilter as I think it was ordered for a reef ready tank which mine is not (no interal baffle area).

Other than the above is there anything I am forgetting?

Also I have another tank which I am considering adding a hang on back refigium later on. No space otherwise to move the tank nor is there any space in/under the stand to put one? Any review or experience with the folllowing?

CPR Aquafuge 2 Refugium MD 18: Aquarium Supplies - Aqua Buys

Rob C-G

Pasfur 07-23-2009 06:09 PM

Be sure to remove the bioballs from the ProClear60 sump. Keep them handy, because this could make an awesome freshwater filter one day if needed.

I like the skimmer selection. Naturally, since i recommended it.-)

The Mag 3 should be plenty.

The CPR overflow box is awesome. Be sure to buy the pump to go with it to ensure it self syphons after a power outage. This may be the most reliable external overflow on the market.

The CPR refugium is a nice unit, but a bit small. You might want to explore a sump modification. Talk to OF2F on this subject.

onefish2fish 07-23-2009 11:03 PM

i was never a fan of the pre-built sumps because of the price, but thats my personally opinion and i see why you are going this route because it fits. i first would suggest you sit down, think real hard, think some more and then decide. what should you be thinking about? future setup, upgrades and where the tank is going to be down the road. are you keeping it? just short term? going to put it somewhere else? these are questions you should consider as it could change the way you should go about the sump.
IF you are any good with DIY, i suggest ( or atleast what i would do ) is build a cabinet next to the tank where a DIY sump ( made from a used fish tank/tub ) and shelves to put chemicals and equipment that matches the stand of the tank. this will still offer a clean look of having a sump under the tank and things will be out of the way.
another option is going to the basement or garage to put a sump ( if they are close enough and the wife approves :wink: )
im just throwing ideas out there to think about so you wont get stuck buying equipment twice or getting something only to upgrade it shortly after.

your safest bet for an overflow box would be to drill the tank and you wont have to worry about power outages and so forth. i had an enclosed overflow going for some time both with and without an aqualifter pump and either way ive managed to overflow the display. dont get me wrong, overflow boxes are safe- granted they keep the water to keep the siphon going and the aqualifters make it close to 100% safe UNTIL the tubing leading to the pump clogs, which only should take a weekly or bi-weekly check up/cleaning to be sure its running properly.
as for which overflow box this is all preference in my opinion. the first one will get dirty fastest because its made of clear acylic, however the U-tubes easily slide out and will accept a flexible pipe brush as opposed to the enclosed boxes which are impossible to clean inside similiar to a drilled tanks overflow box which can also be a trick to cleaning. on my newest tank, i personally went with a kit from where i got an overflow rated 1500 gallons and it is the smallest in tank overflow box ive seen yet so that may be another option. make sure your not drilling tempered glass, ever.

what confuses me is that you want to put 1'' substrate in between the baffles? what does this do? am i missing/misunderstanding something?

the hang on refugiums prob. wouldnt hurt but at the same time dont know how much good it will be doing. i would add one of these to tanks less then 30 gallons. it may be pretty sweet to tie a 5 or 10 gallon tank into the sump and have it displaying your refuge next to your display tank, the overflow could drain into the refuge tank, then into the sump and then pump back up to the display. just another option. ultimately im a fan of a DIY sump that includes a section for refugium purposes.

mdrobc13 07-25-2009 10:49 PM

Still awaiting equipment. I got the quiet one pump for this set up (it fit) and the skimmer as noted. Once I get the overflow boxes and the pump I'll get it set up and report back. Added another oceanic reef sump with a Mag Drive 3 for my 2nd 55 gal tank and am waiting for the 2nd overflow box to arrive as well. Will set that up too then and let you know as well. Post pics too.

Thanks for the Bioballs tip Pashur as I hadn't taken them out as of yet. My 80gal tank right now I am still doing water changes and adding live rock. Now have alot of reddish growth on all the old rock and the sand too now which I assume is red algeae growth. Removed airstones in ALL tanks (no need). Redirected water flow from cannister filters (all tanks) with media removed just a few bits of live rock inside the cannisters and am using them just for water flow/circulation. Korelia water wave pumps are also now in all 3 tanks to help with flow. Sand beds are doing okay. Am looking to add some more sand sifters to the main tanks this week and a few to my new tank once it cycles more (it's now on week #2 of its rock has been added and salt water mixed/curred and is added and circulating...looking good so far. Water still crystal clear with no growths or algea). We'll see.

For 80 gal I may add the add on back refugium or may look for a cover/furniture that would cover a sump externally to the side also. Thanks for the thought. I do have a 10gal quarrantine tank sitting downstairs just running a small pump now which I guess I could use huh?

mdrobc13 07-30-2009 12:53 AM

1st sump up and operating on the new 56gal corner tank that I am setting up and cycling. So far so overflows. Running slightly more water than above the water line but will let some evaporation take care of that as I monitor the tank closely. the CS50 Continuous Siphon and the Aquaflow pump work great. Had a little bit of difficulty priming it initially but used a spare tube and sucked air out and it all started. Am running the Marineland Skimmer (thanks Pashur) and a quiet one pump. Took all the bioballs out of the sump and added a slight bit of agronite substrate and will put a few small extra pieces of live rock in the baffle where the bioballs used to be cause the dripping water is pretty loud! LOL Wife is glad its the guest room. LOL Am running the Fluval 405 empty with just a charcol bag in it for water flow but the return from the quiet one seems to do just fine...I may forgo adding a Korela 3 wave pump if it continues to do okay. 4" sand live bed and about 40+ lbs of live rock and so far so good. Water looks good and clear. Will be testing water all around tomorrow (including my problem main tank PAshur).

Anything I am forgetting?

mdrobc13 07-30-2009 09:30 AM

Oh one more thing. Sump and overflow are kinda loud; any way to quiet things down? Sump is enclosed beneath tank #1 but still audible in room. My wife is suggesting sound deadening foam...NOT! LOL

jwalker314 07-31-2009 07:34 PM

i think i read somewhere that a flex hose for the sump, instead of a ridgid one helps, also maybe using insulation on the inside of the stand (might prevent the sump from cooling tho.)

mdrobc13 08-02-2009 02:18 AM

Have a flex PVC house on the outflow box. Still kinda loud. But seems to be getting better as the water levels adjust. On the bad side my Fluval 405 seems to have quit on works then stops; I drain it; reprime then start it and it works for a few days then water mvmt. Only using it to re-circulate water; NO media in it other than a few pieces of live rock. Sheez can't wind for losing.

jwalker314 08-02-2009 06:36 PM

maybe try taking the impeller apart and cleaning it, i know my HOB filter for my freshwater does that sometimes when its dirty...

mdrobc13 08-05-2009 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by jwalker314 (Post 221936)
maybe try taking the impeller apart and cleaning it, i know my HOB filter for my freshwater does that sometimes when its dirty...

tried that no luck. Shut it's been doing this on and off for about 1 yr now...maybe defective. My bud fixed it once. May just remove it since I have the sump working now and its just for flow anyway.

On another note my other sump keeps shutting down on me. I have the CRS overflows which work fine along with the Cont siphon pumps/Aqual leveler to keep/prevent siphon breaks but after a day or so i look and there's no drainage but also no real pumping from my sump...everything is ike steady state. I think it is because I got a Magna 5 pump and its rated too high for my sump/tank. It's a 5gal and my other tank has a Quiet One 1200 in the sump and that one works fine so far with no siphon problems. Is it the water level as when I look at the Magna drive it's down to almost bare min of the inttake? However I do not want to put too much water in the sump and risk overflow when the siphon breaks again either.


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