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TankLife27 09-04-2013 04:30 PM

internal parasite medication
My pleco is thin, I haven't seen him eat in a week, he's lethargic for the most part and his fecal deposits are thin, stringy and white. I need someone to recommend an internal parasite medication (after extensive inquiry, I believe its internal, possibly a worm type). I tried petco but they only had external treatments, which I bought anyways because I'm desperate to save my little buddy. All the local petshops have slowly closed around my area, so I'm ordering online. Can someone recommend a broad spectrum internal parasite medication? I've read some, like jungle, have eatable treatments, but I would prefer to go with something else. I've dropped wafers in every few days, but he will not eat them, nor do I see him cleaning the tank, plants, etc..

thanks for any suggestions, very much appreciated.
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jaysee 09-05-2013 08:11 PM

Welcome to the forum

Try prazipro. Too, API's General Cure has the same active ingredient as prazipro, plus another.

TankLife27 09-05-2013 08:33 PM

Thank you for the reply, thank you very much.

Had to act fast though and had no replies.

I went ahead and ordered Seagrams Metro, think that will help?

his eye looks like this:

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I'm getting aquarium salt tomorrow, as the eye I think is bacterial. It is something horrible though, wiped out my entire tank before I knew there was a problem. I've tried everything. Finally the white feces made me investigate parasites, which is what I believe this is. Also had fin rot, but I treated that and it seems to have subsided.

Thanks again for your reply, it goes a long way.
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