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Scrody 07-18-2009 07:22 AM

Danio with some red markings
I just had a danio pass away that had red markings from the mid section to the tail fin. He also had a red bump right over his head. He was the smallest of the 7 Danio's when I purchased them two weeks ago. He was swimming on his side and basically would get stuck in a plants root structure and struggle before I decided I didn't want to risk it and took him out. He had been acting strange for the past two days, ie sitting under the overflow while the others danio's darted around the tank.

I don't have the water parameters in front of me because I am at work but I checked out everything and it looked good.It is around a 35 gallon tank. All the other fish look fine(though the danio's seem more skiddish but I think that is because their school is dwindling, was 7, now 5 because one jumped out as well). The 3 cory cat's seem as active as ever and I see none of the same markings on this fish as the other ones.

Did I just get a weak fish? I am about to do the weekly water change and was looking at adding a few more cory cats to get the school up but I don't want to do it if there may be something wrong with my tank. I may need to get some more danio's to get the school but it is all on hold till I find out what was wrong.

Sorry no pictures. Any help would be appreciated.

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