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JIM 07-17-2009 06:17 PM

Earth eaters
One of my favorite, South American cichlids is the commonly known Geophagus jurupari, which is actually the Satanoperca leucostictus, which means Earth Eater, Native to Peru, this fish gets its name because of its habit of constantly, if given a sandy substrate, taking mouthfuls of sand swishing it around in its mouth and spitting it back out, this activity is surely to remove any edibles, small insects etc. which it does non stop as it cruises the bottom of the tank. This after awhile leaves your substrate looking like a war zone, completely covered with little piles of sand. In 1986 Swedish ichthyologist Sven O. Kullander, concluded that the genus Geophagus really made up of several evolutionarily distinct lines that had been placed together on the basis of superficial similarities.His studies also led to the findings that several distinct species have been mis-labeled S. jurupari, and that the fish is actually S. leucostictus, a very similar native to the Guianas. The real S. jurupari does not have the strikeing metallic blue-green spangling of S. leucostictus. These fish are occasionaly shipped from western Amazon locations, such as Manaus and Iquitos. However,the "jurupari" now for sale by most pet shops is really the more colorful, tank-raised S. leucostictus brought from the Far East. These are very unusual looking and attractive fish that dont get really large like a lot of South Americans, and make good community fish because of their mild disposition, however , they prefer to be kept alone if you expect to see young.

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