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JIM 07-17-2009 06:09 PM

West African Dwarfs
When you hear African cichlids, the thought of beautiful, colorful and MEAN!! comes to mind as well as the 3 lakes that hold these little tigers, however Africa holds many more beautiful cichlids beyond these. In the streams and rivers of West Africa. within about 200 miles of the coast are found some of the most colorful cichlids of Africa, In soft relatively high ph water is found the West African Dwarfs.The dwarf Pelvicachromis forms are pulcher, roloffi, subocellatus, sacrimontis and taeniatus. Red, Blue, and Yellow, are the most commonly found in your local pet stores.They are detritus eaters in nature, graze almost non stop , so if you like to see alot of activity in your tanks these will do nicely, but they also will take small meaty foods like blood worms and brine shrimp.The taeniatus, are probably the most varied in color and are my personal favorite. These fish are easy breeders, and a couple of pairs in a small tank would make anyones home a nice added attraction, especially if coupled with some nice plants and driftwood from Sweet Aquatics :)

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