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Milhouse 07-17-2009 12:28 AM

GILL INFECTION, need some help.
Okay I have had this betta fish for at least a year. Seemed to do well even when I wasn't doing my best.
Now he's lethargic, with a drooping dorsal fin and what appears to be some bad gill infections (they protrude from the gill covers, the covers don't close fully and they have what appear to be red sores next to grey ones.)

Here's my plan.
  • Use a gravel vaccum and change out some water.
  • Update this thread with my water parameters.
  • Thoroughly wash a 5 gallon tank to use as a quarantine.*
  • Treat my pal with Maracyn 2 for five days.*
  • Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
I have a tetra whisper internal filter, I lost the suction cup and I don't think it will be of any use. Can I substitute the filter with additional water changes?
Is it okay to use soap? I hear it's not good for the fish.

I tried to medicate a fish before to no avail (I actually think I killed it from stress during the whole thing)
Maracyn's instructions say 1 packed per 10 gallons. I'm worried I'll have an inaccurate amount in there and botch the treatment. How much should I expect to be in per pack?

Space reserved for parameters.

If you can guide me through this I'll be happy. It's the first fish I had since I was a little kid and it pains me to think of how I could have taken better care of him.

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