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RealManny 09-02-2013 08:28 PM

Normal or Bloated?
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These are lace catfish. I've had them for a month now. I feed them flake, algae wafers, and cucumbers. I have four, but one of them seems to have a bigger belly. Is she prego or bloated? She didn't come from the store this big. They all act normal and eat fine. Any help is appreciated!

Sylverclaws 10-23-2013 08:58 PM

Some can't get kinda chunky, especially females full of eggs...but I'd say this one in particular is bloated, or very full of eggs. Hard to tell from the photos, but you can certainly see the big belly, and it doesn't look right.

I'm sorry nobody answered your thread. Has it settled at all? Often they can get stopped up even on all the tasty green foods. Try feeding them cooked, skinless peas once or twice per week, blanched spinach as well, to help keep chances of it down, and be sure you remove all the seeds from cucumbers, as they can get stuck and stop them up, cause prolapses and even kill them.

Sylverclaws 11-07-2013 11:43 AM

Turn that "Can't get kinda chunky" to "Can get kinda chunky" I'm not sure how I typo'd that.

How is your critter doing? Did it survive it's odd big belly?

RealManny 11-19-2013 12:20 PM

Whatever it was, killed just about all my catfish in a span of five days. (Only two survived) I thought he was extremely bloated. I stopped feeding them for a day. Then I introduced peas. I don't think they even touched them. The pleco ended up eating them. I took plenty of tests and the water quality was good. Even took it to Petco and they reconfirmed.

Fast forward to today, whatever diseases or bug it was has vanished. The surviving two catfish are doing just fine and recently introduced a few more to bring the group back to size. I have baby guppies and other fish which throughout the whole five day breakout remained healthy. Most opinions I got seemed to agree it wasn't the water because the babies would have been among the first to die.

I have been left to concluded whatever it was, came with them from PetSmart..since then I only buy from Petco and a small private local fish store. So far so good.

Sylverclaws 11-21-2013 07:56 AM

That freakin suuucks! I'm sorry to hear that. =(

Yes, the nasty most likely came from the shop, shops always have something going on...color yourself lucky to get healthy fish from chainstores. It happens, but eh. Always QT new fish if you can for at least 2-4 weeks. It was probably a series of nasties, the bloated one looked like he had dropsy which happens when a series of nasties hits. Blockages are also common in pet shops because they not only over-feed them, but they do so with cheap, nasty foods(or they drop in vacation cubes which is stupid since they have workers to feed them properly). Some blocks are not unblockable by normal means like peas and greens and can cause mass bloating and death as well. Dropsy not cureable, unfortunately. They either survive or they don't. Surviving is rare.

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