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fish5 07-15-2009 10:29 PM

A Few Questions About My Loaches
I have 2 clown loaches and one zebra loach. All three of them like to hide behind the heater in the corner of the tank. Is that normal? Also whenever someone walks by the tank they swim back to that corner to where the heater is. Is it normal for them to get startled like that? And I noticed when I turn the light off in the tank they swim around more. Also my zebra loach sometimes likes to chase around the clown loaches and maybe just nip the back of them. Not like take a part of their fin off but just poke them. Are all these things normal for loaches? Sorry for a lot of questions. Thanks.

1077 07-16-2009 02:09 AM

You might try googling info on proper habitat for loaches. I can say that they appreciate numerous places to explore,rest,hide. Pieces of slate laying across driftwood and or smooth river stones will help them feel more comfortable.Water changes each week will also help them remain healthy. You might also search while googling,for their food requirements., They also do much better in larger tanks as opposed to anything under 75gal. When small 55 gal would be minimum size tank in my view.

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