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Zombie 07-15-2009 08:46 AM

Stocking Question for a 10 gallon!
I would like to set up a 10 gallon with Mollies, Guppies and Platys. Could I have three of each or would that be overcrowding?

Zombie 07-15-2009 09:09 AM

I have some more questions. (Sorry, it's been a while since I've raised live bearers.)

1. Is there a way to enduce a small amount of algae growth for my fish to nibble on?
2. Would they like a bubble wall to play in on the side of the tank?
3. Would it be okay to add a common pleco or some form of algae eater (NOT SNAILS) after the tank has been established for a while, just to keep it a bit cleaner.
4. Is a tropical flake food alright and the flake, crushed for any fry?
5. Around how much are plastic breeders? I have netted ones that provide much more room for the mother but it makes her fry much more vunerable and the fry get caught in crevaces. US terms, please. I don't know the conversion between pounds and dollars.
6. I also need stocking tips regarding to my first post.

Thank you,
Charlene A.K.A. Zombie

Fishin Pole 07-15-2009 10:47 AM

for algae growth, you place a few rocks in a glass jar with some water and a little bit of fish food and sit it on your window sill or outside.........In a few days you will see algae growth on the rocks, once its enough for you, place rocks in the aquarium for a little snack

The bubble wand is entirely up to thing to consider, if you plan on having live plants, the bubbles will drive off much needed CO2 that your plants use

flake food will be fine for a staple diet and crushing it for the fry will be fine, just make sure to supplement their diet with other foods from time to time (bloodworms, daphnia, spirulina.......)

With the small tank size, a common pleco WILL NOT work in the tank, they get rather large and are a major waste producer................after the tank is established (3 or 4 months) you could try Oto Catfish, but you will need to supply them with an abundance of algae to suvive

Sorry, never used the plastic breeders, so i wont comment on them

Your stock list is tough to answer........Do you plan on getting males and females of the fore mentioned species?........If so, you will need a few more tanks for the fry to grow out in, these livebearers will NOT stop breeding if in the same tank together and you will have an overstocked tank in no time, thus leading to the degradation of your water parameters.......

Zombie 07-15-2009 11:25 AM

I will be breeding them for a Oscar I am planning on getting and I do have other tanks they can reside in as not to overstock. I think I've ruled platys off the list as stocking goes and I'd rather get a few more Mollies instead. I just can't find an Platys that catch my eye. I was thinking like a dalmation, lyretail and sailfin male and (4) as for females, a dalmation, lyretail, balloon and sailfin? I'm just nervous about not being able to tell if the female balloon is preggers.. I've never kept a balloon... And just a female and male fancy guppy. Maybe I should just stick with the Mollies for now since I've never kept Guppies either and it makes me a trifle nervous. I'm also worried about interbreeding with the Guppies and Mollies. I don't know if they'd even try and if they were sucessful produce mutated fry or something. I think I just want to stick with the Mollies mentioned before. I've had an upside-down catfish before (twice) but they die the next day. And if I got a divider and put it in, leaving a 4 inch portion, after the fry have been born and the mother removed, would that be adequate housing for a small amount before they could be released with the larger ones? I'll have another 10gal running for most of them but I just thought it would be cool to keeps some where they could interact with the parents. Maybe I won't get an Oscar and just use the 29gal for mollies. They were my first fish and I'm pretty attached. lol Sorry for being so indecisive. Any idea how many mollies I could get in a 29gal?

Here are stocking plans so far if I only use the 10gal:

1x Dalmation MALE
1x Lyretail MALE
1x Sailfin MALE
1x Dalmation FEMALE
1x Lyretail FEMALE
1x Ballon FEMALE
1x Sailfin FEMALE

If I go to the 29 gal instead,

1x Dalmation MALE
1x Lyretail MALE
1x Sailfin MALE
1x Balloon MALE
1x Dalmation FEMALE
1x Lyretail FEMALE
1x Ballon FEMALE
1x Sailfin FEMALE

The list for the 29gal is just for starters. I need to think about everything first.

I like the fact that there will be multiple strains of them in the tank to breed because I would love to have fry and not know what they'll look like. I think it would be a nice surprise. Any suggestions are wonderful. You can also contact me at

Charlene A.K.A. Zombie

Zombie 07-15-2009 09:12 PM

I read that when stocking you should have one inch of fish per gallon. After doing the math I've come to the conclution of 14 1/2 two inch fish in a 29 gal. Idk how the half would work out, so I'm rounding it to 14 as my max. I'm still not sure yet. I need to decide on colors and such. Again, feel free to email me with any concerns. This tanks will not be set up for at least a month but I'd like to have everything prepared ahead of time.

adiumroot 07-16-2009 02:11 AM

It's advisable to have a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of male to female. Males constantly pursue females for mating, so it causes the females stress. Having the same number or worse, more males, could eventually tire out the females, causing them to die a premature death.

Instead of a female balloon (since you said it would be hard to see if it were pregnant, get a female silver or white molly instead. All the other strains are black, and the dalmatians black and white. It would be monotonous if all the fry turned out black or mostly black, right? Hehe.) Oh, and also, sailfins grow quite big. They usuealy reach 4 or 5 inches.

If you're breeding them as feeders for your oscar, then 3 males and about 7 to 9 females would be producing stock loads of fry for you. Happy eating for your oscar! hehe

Zombie 07-16-2009 11:28 AM

Okay. I did a lot of thinking last night. Would the following stocking be alright?

1x Black
1x Dalmation Lyretail
1x White Sailfin
1x Dalmation Sailfin
1x Black Balloon
1x Dalmation Balloon

1x Dalmation
1x Black Lyretail
1x Orange Lyretail
1x White Lyretail
1x Black Sailfin
1x Dalmation Sailfin
1x White Balloon
1x Marble/Orange Balloon

That would come to a total of 6 males and 8 females.

Also, my step-brother is looking into getting Mollies as well. He is looking into a 10-gallon tank and after discussing what he wanted, we came to a conclusion of four fish for his tank as follows;

1x Dalmation
1x Sailfin
1x Balloon
1x Lyretail

They would all be females as to keep away breeding other than the babies expected from storing the sperm and from any impregnations at the pet store. We will just let them be eaten. I told him not to get all males because I was afraid of possible aggression. Is that logical? Thanks again for everyones' help.

Zombie 07-16-2009 11:29 AM

And I have thrown out the Oscar idea completely.

Oldman47 07-16-2009 07:01 PM

The 6 males and 8 females is a huge load for a 29 gallon tank, especially if you intend to retain any fry. The other down side I see to your stocking is that you will have no clue what to expect when the males each ignore colors and are breeding with all of the females. You need to choose what you like, in my opinion, and then set up a nice tank with one male and maybe 3 females of that color and finnage. It will let you have a clue what to expect with your breeding and the population will be light enough to raise a few, not many, fry.

Zombie 07-17-2009 07:15 AM

I intend to retain fry in a separate tank; a ten gallon and I'm fond of having a surprise batch of fry. What if I stocked the tank with nine-ten fish; 3 male, 6 female and as follows?

2 Balloon Molles (FEMALE/FEMALE)
2 Black Mollies (FEMALE/FEMALE)
2 Sailfin Mollies (MALE/MALE)
2 Lyretail Mollies (FEMALE/MALE)
1 Silver Mollie (FEMALE)

Also, what about my step-brothers' tank? If he can wait, he'd like to have some of the fry my fish will produce.

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