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Ehamm289 09-01-2013 04:51 PM

Suggestions on filtration for tank
I have a 36 gallon bow front, non-planted tank that I would consider to be heavily stocked. Currently I have (6) neon tetras, (3) Mollies, (2) Platies, (2) Denison Barbs, (2) Dwarf Gourami, (1) Cory Cat, (1) Pleco **not sure what kind***

I have been using an Aqueon HOB Filter rated for up to 40 gallons. I just bought another Aqueon HOB Filter rated for up to 50 gallons after noticing that the original filter was just not cutting it. Right now I have both filters running in the tank until the bigger one gets some gunk on the filter.

My big question is if this may be to much flow and how can I tell if it is? None of the fish seem to be bothered by the extra flow in the tank.

jaysee 09-01-2013 04:55 PM

The flow should be fine. Those filters aren't powerhouses. If you don't notice any difference then I can't imagine that you'd have a problem.

Keleborn 09-01-2013 05:22 PM

Those Denison's Barbs would really rather be in a group, &, as they push 4" apiece, they're not really getting up enough speed in a 36 gallon tank. I would leave both filters on there, get rid of the Barbs, add 2 more Cory's, and 4 more Neons. Then replace the plastic plants with the real thing, as real plants help filter your tank too, as well as providing lots of other benefits. I'm surprised the Neons aren't upset with the extra water flow, but, I would remove the HOB 40 after a couple weeks of putting real plants in. I think the Gouramis would like that a lot better too. You might consider also removing the Platies or Mollies and adding 4 more Corys, instead of just 2 more; they like their little groups as well.

Ehamm289 09-01-2013 06:51 PM

Great info, thank you both! The denison barbs do a good job at hanging out with each other half the time, but also act independent of each other. They are between 2" and 3" so they have a little bit more time in this tank.

As for the neon tetras, they were recently added to the tank so I am still not sure if they are truly affected by the flow. They seem to be exploring the tank quite well, but are still not quite use to it yet.

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