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bary trotter 07-14-2009 08:47 AM

glass eel
I orded a smamp eel it came in a dinkey littel fish about 4 inches long he never came out of the sand.Well i thought he jumped and the cat ate him but he came back up and was 8 inches long but still then ive never seen him eat. he is kinda clear could he be a glass eel or what and what doas it eat.:shock:

bary trotter 07-15-2009 12:15 PM

Once again 15 veiws no one replys.

Fishin Pole 07-15-2009 12:33 PM

Maybe you should read your post and see if you can make sense of it..............I've read it twice and still am confused........Sorry, have no experience with eels........a pic would help identify the species, if that is what your asking in your post

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