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keeton 07-12-2009 12:18 PM

bala shark and neon emergency
hi guys,
2 of my neons have dull patchs on there red strip, one just has a tiny circle and one with the red strip all dull, but other any that active and healthy
on wednesday i notice that my bala shark has a red stripe down his dorsal fin just behind the black stripe and also a red mark behind his left gill, other wise healthy and active. so that night i bought some interpet anti internal bacteria, because i suspected the that my honey gouamis died from that (see below) on the friday i went to my lfs for some java moss, and asked about the neons and bala and they wasn't sure about the neons but said to use pimafix for my bala, so i did a big water change and have dosed accordingly since, but today and the red has taken over most of his dorsal fin and hiding alot.

my female honey gourami died the about a week ago after going slightly pale and getting abit plump, but have no reason why this is happening as my tank is clean and been cycled for a very long time.

stats from 5 mins ago
ph 7.2
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 10

35 gallon
2 bala shark (will be transfered to 100gallon once sorted)
4 guppy
10 neon tetra
6 white cloud minnow
1 bristle nose
5 peppered cats
2 panda cats
3 khuli loach
6 amano shrimp

pictures of the bala and neons from wednesday.
dull patchs on neons are duller then in photos


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