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Linds 07-12-2009 11:26 AM

Galaxy Rasbora Fry

So I discovered a single fry a few days ago which I kept separately but in the aquarium. I found two more about a day or two later, but caught only one. The two are now housed in a netted breeder basket. One is swimming around freely amongst some java moss I placed in the basket, and the other is no where to be found. I was unsuccessful in catching the third yesterday, and have not seen it since. Should I be expecting more fry? I did not even notice that any of the GR's were carrying eggs, so I wasn't expecting fry. I have read that they are fully capable of swimming at a week of age, so perhaps there are more little guys clinging to my plants. My filter intake has been covered with cheesecloth so I don't lose any to it. Should I continue the fry hunt for a week or so until removing the cheesecloth? I'd like to remove it as soon as possible so the debris it collects won't impede the filter flow for much longer. Any additional information on the fry and their upbringing is much appreciated.

Many thanks!

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