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gus1911 07-11-2009 07:10 AM

New reef tank algae cycle
I've been keeping aquariums for about 40 years. Algae has been my constant concern, and its control is always on my mind. I'm always looking for some methods or ideas to make sure that algae (and cyano) don't get a foothold on any of my tanks.

I came across this yesterday. A hobbyist commented on the new reef tank she set up and how it was slowly being covered with brown algae - not cyanobacteria. She was concerned.

This is the reply she received from someone who I assumed was an expert or at least a knowleadgeable and experienced reefer: Perfectly normal, there are 3 algae stages, first is the brown algae, second is hair algae, 3rd is cyano, youre right on time for the brown algae. its perfectly normal. just ride it out and let it pass on its own, in a years time all 3 will be done and you will have a mature tank.

What?? Three stages of algae with cyanobacteria as the last stage??? This to me sounds like it came from "The Looney Tunes Collections of Reef Tank Care." I have never heard this, moreover it doesn't even make sense!

Any comments, for or against, and I'll be happy to listen and learn.

Pasfur 07-11-2009 08:17 AM

I agree there is almost always a diatom bloom, which is what I assume this person means by brown algae. However, to imply that hair algae and especially cynobacteria are a natural part of the reef aquarium maturity process, in my opinion, is simply not correct.

I can state from many years of experience in the marine hobby, and rarely having cyno present itself in my aquariums.

onefish2fish 07-11-2009 11:04 AM

i agree, hair or cyano dont need to occur granted you set your tank up properly.

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