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MarineMan150 01-18-2007 06:00 PM

Sea Turtles?
I know this is a stupid question but...has anyone heard of baby sea turtles in home aquariums?

Lupin 01-18-2007 06:58 PM

But I thought they are illegal for possession.:dunno: Nowadays, they are increasingly becoming endangered. They are bred in most areas where sanctuary is provided and the babies being released into the wild to ensure the continuity of their existence.

In no way should the turtles be legal for possession considering their present declining rate in number because of several factors including poaching and overfishing.:shake:

Melissa 01-18-2007 08:21 PM

Yeah, there is no way you can have sea turtles in a home aquarium.

musho3210 01-18-2007 08:28 PM

catch em in the EAC lol, joking, dont catch them, let them live there 150 year lives. They are becoming endangered though

caferacermike 01-19-2007 06:43 AM

I don't think you can bring your tank to prison. Don't ever even touch them on the beach. If you touch them it greatly reduces their survival rates. Just leave them alone so future generations of kids might have a chance to see one alive.

dustin323 01-20-2007 02:19 AM

Even if they weren't endangered & illegal to collect they get huge.

MarineMan150 01-23-2007 04:18 PM

yeah..i was just wondering. they are facinating creatures and i live in nj.. theres no way i would even try to catch i dont think id make it in prison..haha...thanks tho

trreherd 01-23-2007 06:02 PM

this tank has a sea turtle in it.

Edit by CRM:

The tank is 14,000 gallons, not your typical home aquarium.

All creatures are from South Carolina shore.
Queen angels
Blue angels
French angels
Loggerhead turtle
Nurse shark
Green moray
Spotted moray
Spanish wrasses
Cuban wrasses
and much more!

This tank is located in the South Carolina Aquarium.

I apologize for not being able to credit the photographer, unknown.

usmc121581 01-23-2007 06:26 PM

Didnt work for me.

trreherd 01-23-2007 08:00 PM

The link? i just clicked it and it worked fine.

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