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Linds 07-09-2009 04:52 PM

Where did the CRS eggs go?

So I have 3 Crystal Red Shrimp, with one that had been carrying eggs for a few weeks I guess (wasn't counting). I had thought they were growing because they started off as tiny little brownish eggs and as time progressed, seemed to develop a sort of clear sac-ish thing around the brown eggs. Anyhow, I just noticed today that she is no longer carrying them. I had to replace the charcoal filter today, and did not find any eggs in the sponge. I did find a tiny galaxy rasbora fry though! I have had such a difficult time finding information on the breeding process of the CRS, so I'm not sure if she has now "laid" them in a safe place for hatching or what. Since carrying the eggs, she has chosen to hide in a certain spot under the driftwood that I can't see very clearly. Today she hasn't really strayed far from that area. Any information is very much appreciated!

Many thanks.

Fishin Pole 07-10-2009 06:01 AM

It sounds to me she has already dropped the egg sacs and the baby shrimp are probably hiding under a piece of wood or a rock or decor in your tank................Give it some time and you will probably see very tiny shrimp scampering around the gravel...............Do you have any fish in this tank with your shrimp?..............Baby shrimp will have a very tough time surviving in a tank with fish unless you have ALOT of plant cover and hiding spots for them........I have red cherrys in a 30 gallon with about 20 tetras and rasboras and the shrimp have been breeding rather well for about a year........I know the fish have gotten a few of the baby shrimp, but i still see alot of the babies in my chain sword and nano grass........its to the point now, i will have to remove some of the shrimp to another tank for the reason of over population of shrimp..........Once you have a few batches of shrimp, your tank will get very interesting with all the movement from a 100 shrimp flying around everywhere...........To me, watching the shrimp interact is more interesting than some fish species............Good Luck with your shrimp!

Linds 07-10-2009 11:24 AM

Hi Fishin Pole!

Heheh, I forgot to mention I have 3 young corys who hang out where the mama CRS was residing for a while. I would assume the corys would love a baby shrimp snack. Would Galaxy Rasboras eat baby shrimp? The tank does contain a decent amount of plants, including the usual java moss on an ornament, java fern, anubias, and some rough looking rotola rotunafolia.
I'm not so concerned about keeping the baby shrimp (if they exist), I was just super curious as to the whole egg laying or hatching process of the CRS. I would definately have to get a larger tank if anything else decided to join the current gang of creatures.

Exactly how small are the CRS young (in comaparison to perhaps a pin head)? If I do find any, would it be worth it (the whole whopping 6 dollars) to get a netted breeding basket to house them in? I understand it's sometimes difficult to keep the offspring of some shrimp.

Many thanks and appreciation!

FishFreak95 07-16-2009 10:21 AM

I would be more worried about the rasboras eating the baby shrimp than the corys. Im not sure about CRS but my ghost shrimp were about the size of a pin head. The netted breeding basket probably wouldnt be worth it.

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