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kimowen04 07-09-2009 08:52 AM

confused. .filtration??? advice?
i have my 10 ga FOWLR tank with 10 lbs of old rock from somesones tank but its not true live rock then 3-4 lbs of live rock and then 20 lbs of all live sand. then my HOB small filter nothing special. is that enough to run my tank and keep things stable???? i

everyone says that i need more water volume and crap! so i added my homemade sump its up and running well now and my tank is cycling i just have a baggie of carbon in my sump and im making a skimmer. so should i tear down my sump then? is it more trouble then its worth? do i need to just invest in a HOB protien skimmer? or will my tank be fine with my small HOB filter i have and the sand and live rock? im so confused so many people say diff things!

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