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spammyann 07-07-2009 10:07 AM

update w/ questions
Since my thread necro didnt get any responses, I thought I would just post a new thread.

My 6 tiger barb babies are growing up! I got them over 2 months ago! Allso still have one of the craigslist platy fish.

I know it's been months but I finally was able to get a gravel vac. I've done water changes for the past 4 days with it and might I say it was dirrrrrrrrty the first time.

The water has been looking good the past 2 months, but it's looking better each day.

We went to the pet store to scop out what fish we might like to add next. Definately need some bottom feeders and maybe 2 more platy.

I think I might also like to get one of those lil red tail shark fish things like the tank originally have.

Let me hear your suggestions: ????????

I did water testing yesterday: everything looked ph' is still in the high zone. 7.2 on the dip stick and higher on the liquid test. *(oh i just remembered i didnt do ammonia)*

Also wanted to know how/what I can use to remove the calcium/lime deposits (fish safe of course) at the top of the tank...I tried my algae scrubber but that doesnt work and it's building up ... it looks ugly!

Byron 07-07-2009 10:44 AM

One red tail shark would be fine in your tank (I'm assuming this is the 50g tank); don't get more than one because they are territorial with their own species, but fare well with other sturdy fish like barbs. Also be careful if selecting other bottom fish, similar fish like the siamese algae eaters sometimes cause problems with agression and territories with the red tail. If you want more bottom dwellers, I suggest you look at some of the loaches rather than the shark. There are several species of loach that grow up to 4 inches that would be fine, some are very peaceful, check online on each species. There is a good loach site here with info on them:

Re the pH, what is the pH of your tap water, and what was the pH reading of the tank with the liquid test? Liquid test kits are more reliable, use it.

On the calcium deposits, vinegar on a paper towel will probably work plus some scraping. Once you have the buildup removed, wipe the tank regularly (during the partial water change) even if it doesn't look bad, to keep it from building up again. Do it carefully to keep it out of the tank. When you do the next partial water change would be a good time, when the tank water level is down a bit. And speaking of pwc, I assume you will not be doing this every day, that was just a start? Once a week with 30-40% of the tank volume is fine, vacuum the bottom at the same time.

spammyann 07-07-2009 11:37 AM

Ph of tap looks to be 7.2 on dip and liquid tests

Byron 07-07-2009 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by spammyann (Post 212785)
Ph of tap looks to be 7.2 on dip and liquid tests

So the tank pH is the same as the tap water, so far. That's good. Over time the biological actions in the tank will slowly cause the water to acidify and the pH will lower, but it is very little (unless there is a catastrophe) and easily handled with the weekly partial water change. In a biologically balanced aquarium with regular maintainance (pwc every week using water with your pH) there is no reason the pH will become a problem.

When you said the "pH is still in the high zone" did you mean this to be a problem? Because from your info it is fine. Your barbs will have no problems at 7.2.

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