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byronthree 08-28-2013 09:32 PM

Please help me keep my fish alive (medication mix question)

So a few months ago I fell into this awesome world of tropical fish keeping, and have almost become obsessed with the hobby and the care of the fish. I currently have a fully cycled tank (0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates) with live plants, gold barbs, von rio tetras, black phantom tetras, platties, cory catfish and two awesome ottos (they are well fed and doing great). I run an eheim 2213 with no carbon right now. It is a 30 gallon, however my tank was slowly stocked and is not overstocked per my lfs that is not a petsmart or petco. Those are my parameters, here is my issue:

Last week I noticed white spots on one of the phantoms. Immediately I assumed it was ich and ran out to get medication not knowing everything about it. I only trust one person in our area when it comes to tropical fish keeping at his lfs and he wasnt available that night. On Friday, he gave me AP QuickCure and instructions on medicating: set the tank to 80 degrees, remove the plants, and 1 drop per two gallons as certain fish I have are sensitive, with a 30% water change after 3 days. I did this with high hopes it would work. 6 days later, the same fish seems ro be getting more spots and one of my barbs is scratching a lot on the substrate. All of my fish are still alive through this treatment that I am hating to give (almost feel like Im giving them chemo). Today I did a water chanfe and am about to medicate again, however here is my new plan.. but need the pros help: dose the quick cure with tetra parasite guard tonight, and do another half dose of quick cure in the morning with the tank covered (considering the life cycle of ich). Is it safe to mix those two medications? I cant do salt with the cory and ottos. I want to rid this problem as soon as possible. Any chance its not ich? Thanks for your help in advance. (Btw, I learned my lesson and invested in a quarintine tank, these forums have taught me a lot)

lou1387 08-29-2013 07:57 AM

it sounds like ich I would use coppersafe but do not over dose it can kill your fish if you over dose take out the live plants and snils if you have any if it is anything other than ich with the symptons the coppersafe will last 30 days will get your fish better for sure you don't have to raise the temp with coppersafe I use salt but you said that you cant with the otos copper safe says can harm scaleless fish but has never harmed my fish if you are worried aboutt that use a little dose but I strongly recommend coppersafe at full dose I hope this helps I have used coppersafe even with channel catfish and they have no scales and never had any problems when was the last time you used the other medication? if it I would run carbon for 2 hours before you add the coppersafe to make sure the meds you are currently using are out of your water then take out the carbon and put the coppersafe in I hope this helps good look keep me updated if you get a chance

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