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musho3210 01-17-2007 05:19 PM

Feeding fruit flies
I have 7 zebra danios, would it be alright to feed them fruit flies?

Lupin 01-17-2007 05:39 PM

Yes.:) I used to feed them to my Congo tetras.:)

Lupin 01-17-2007 05:39 PM

I didn't know it's double post.:blink: :quiet:

fish_4_all 01-17-2007 08:13 PM

Will be fine, I am looking at getting Killifish just for that reason, to feed them top water food and watch them go after it. Make sure to get the flightless or wingless ones though and D. Melanogaster species because they are smaller and more prolific, and easier to culture, if you don't have them already. Hydeii are ok but the cultures are slower and they can crash more readily because the food isn't eaten as fast to prevent mold outbreaks.

Well I should ask then what species of fruit fly do you have, if you know and if you have one?

musho3210 01-17-2007 08:22 PM

no i dont have one, i just saw a jar at my local pet store and was wondering if it is good for fish....

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