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Hailfire 08-27-2013 05:28 PM

What do you reccomend for Stand height? also Lighting?

I am working on a mixed reef build, or a FOWLR possibly, I would like to get your opinions but I have some questions regarding equipment.

I was wondering how much clearance typically is needed for a sump and equipment for under a saltwater aquarium? I bought a used tank, that is about 150 gallon. I have water tested it, it came with a custom stand that was built heavy duty, but I believe it doesn't have enough clearance for a sump. The max clearance I have currently is 18 inches high. I looked online, and although I may be able to get the sump into the area described the protein skimmer and other equipment would be too tall I believe.

I am thinking of building a new stand for it, but not sure how high I should go. Or if it would be wiser to just use a hang on protein skimmer and other equipment. In building a new stand however will make the tank even taller than it already is. I would build it heavy duty still due to weight etc...

The other question I have is what would be the best lighting for my situation? The tank is custom and taller than a standard 150 gallon. I know that it might take metal halides or greater to penetrate deep enough into the water. Are LED's any stronger than metal halides? or do they just run cooler?

I know I am asking a lot of questions in one post, but I hope to continue this thread or make another one as my build continues.

Thanks in Advance,

badxgillen 08-28-2013 12:44 AM

You are right about the deeper tanks needing a stroger punch to get to the bottom if you are thinking corals at all. Halides will get you some good PAR but there are alos some LEDs on the market that can ge tsome pretty good reading even at the bottom of a 2 foot deep tank. The Kessel comes to mind or the Ocean Revive with 90 degree optics.If you are not doing alot of corals then the lighting is not of much concern. The stand should be bigger if you want a functional sump.Do some research on the tank you want bellow and make sure you have enough space to do whatever you need to down there and also to add on, as if you enjoy your tank you will be ADDING!

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