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saber1971 07-03-2009 02:09 PM

Im so confused!!!!
I've had a 50 gallon fowl tank up and running for 15 months! my question is filtration.right now i have a rena2 canister and a hang on. and a skimmer and a uv sterilizer. after reading some of these post about filters being nitrate factories i am now wondering if i should ditch the filters and just run the skimmer and empty the canister and use it only as a pump(for the uv sterilizer)? i use ceramic rings but everyone says ditch bio-balls(same function as rings) please tell me what the correct thing to do is!!should i just get rid of the filter medias remove the hang-on and replace the waterflow with a powerhead??

wake49 07-03-2009 03:22 PM

Yes. Do you have Live Rock and Live Sand? Please tell us more about your setup.

Pasfur 07-03-2009 07:13 PM

Live rock and sand are the key to answering this question correctly. You need to have the appropiate amount of live rock to be comfortable removing the biomedia. If this is the case, then removing the biomedia will absolutely be the best thing to do. I do suggest that you remove the media at a rate of 25% per week for 4 weeks, just to play it safe.

Please give us more details so that we can be 100% confident in this situation. What type of skimmer, etc. Also, what are you testing for? What additives? Livestock? Future plans?

saber1971 07-03-2009 07:54 PM

I'm not exactly sure how much live rock i have. I would guess 1/3 of the tank (trad. 50gallon)rock is very porous, lots of holes and contoured, liverock. and 2-3 inches argonite? sand. ontop of 1 inch crushedcoral. I have a sea clone 150 skimmer.
as far as livestock i have
2 clowns 15 mos.
1 royal beta 1 mos.
1 flame goby 12mos
1 coral beauty 12 mos.
1 yellow tang that i need to get rid of...birthday present. hes getting too big, 10 mos.
2 sandsifting stars 8 mos??
hermits and some snails
cleaner shrimp 2 mos. the first one died after a year:cry:
Im thinking of getting a hang on refugium with skimmer attached or not attached

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