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Canadian Fish 08-27-2013 07:13 AM

220 Gallon Aquarium Update

Well, the banded leporinus eventually ate all my beautiful plants. Also snacked on a couple of large corys I added. I rescued 3 of them but 2 got eaten immediately.

Now they seem to be snacking on black skirt tetras occasionally.

I added a big tinfoil barb. I know they like to be in groups and I have my name down at the LFS to be notified when they receive some more biggies. Also added some siamese algae eaters, as the lady at the store said they might eat that weird hair algae the tank has going on. None of my other tanks have this algae.

Got a sweet Gold Severum cichlid that is beautiful. I think he's large enough, the leporinus have been ignoring him. Also got a large parrot cichlid (already had a medium sized one). If anything, he bullies the leporinus at feeding time.

The tank is super active now, and we love it, though we miss our big vals that filled in the sides and met across the top of the tank. They were awesome.

Boredomb 08-27-2013 09:21 AM

Everytime I can finally watch this video am outside and can't see screen on my phone to do so!! >.<

Going to have to watch it in my lunch break or when I get home tonight. That is if i don't lose the thread again! LoL

Chesh 09-03-2013 09:05 AM

Poor plants, poor Corys. . . pretty, pretty fish, though!

ETA: I always love hearing your LO in the background of your vids. So cute!

Canadian Fish 09-03-2013 10:09 AM

LOL. In that video you can hear Charlie and The Beverly Hillbillies in the background.

The big parrot laid eggs, went crazy, and chewed the beak off the small parrot. (I assume that's who did it, no one else messes with him, and it happened the same day after the eggs first appeared).

I feel horrible. The poor little guy can still eat, but it must have been traumatic. It's the one on my avatar. He had all that black on him when we brought him home, but after a couple of days he was completely orange except for one small black spot where his fin meets his body. Surprised he didn't go all black from stress when his face got eaten.

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