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Ohhmgeitsbri 07-02-2009 01:04 PM

29 gallon stockingg
hey i would like some ideas for stocking my 29 gallon

currently i have 2 platy male and female( im done with platy fry!), a male betta, and one otto
i would like to add 2 more otto because someone told me they like comapany.
i dont want any more livebearers ive had them all at some pointnand im kinda sick of them.

my tank isent cycled yet but id like to look into the fish i want now

any suggestions on what i should get??

aunt kymmie 07-03-2009 12:13 PM

Not sure on stocking for a tank that includes a betta as I keep mine singly. But I did want to say that adding anymore otos now would be a mistake. They require an established tank in order to thrive and you indicate your tank is not yet cycled. I've heard & read countless experiences regarding otos expiring pretty quickly if water parameters aren't stellar and if a constant food source is not available. If it was me (and it's not!) I'd hold off on adding the otos for a few months. Definitely add more otos once the time comes as your solo guy WILL need the companionship of other otos in order to truly thrive. :-)

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