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iceprizm 06-29-2009 11:03 PM

Looking for a loach for 75G rainbow tank
ok i got a 75G tank, has
14 harlequin rasboras
12 austrailina rainbow fish
12 blue neon rainbows
4 emerald green cories

the tank has a sand bottom. the problem is the cories dont sift th the sand as much as i had hoped. i am thinking that some loaches may work out better.
i would like something that wont hide, wont be aggressive, and wont outgrow my tank.

any ideas?

aunt kymmie 07-03-2009 01:20 PM

I'm not sure what footprint size a 75 gl tank is but I'd think you could do a group of dwarf chain loaches (or maybe even zebra or polka dot loaches?). I've read that kuhlis are passive and great at digging into the sand. They are extremely shy, hiding most of the time, so that's not the loach for you.

Yoyos & clowns are the only loaches I've had actual experience with. I've got sand substrate and I've never seen them digging in the sand. They are too occupied with playing in and around their chunks of driftwood & plants.

At one time I considered mixing corys with my loaches but I'm glad I never did. Yoyos & clowns are much too rambunctious to keep with corys, as corys are so mellow. I don't know how hyper zebras & polka dots are. Someone else know about mixing these particular loaches w/ corys??
If it was my tank (and it's not) I'd get a nice group of dwarf chain loaches unless someone with experience advised against it.

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