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ZachMac 06-29-2009 04:30 PM

Crab escape!!!
i have a fiddler crab and a red claw crab in my tank and they have a place to get out if the water when they want, but for some reason the fiddler likes to climb up into my filter outlet and sit out of the water there. my red claw rarely comes out of the water during the day. ive had them for about 4 weeks and today i was watching tv and my 3 year old daughter was eating in front of the tank like always. all of a sudden she screams "GUYS, come here!!" and when i came in the kitchen she pointed to the fridge and said "MR CRAB!" and there the red claw crab was. he was totally dry and had dust all over him but other than that he seemed fine.

I was just wondering, since i had no idea how long he was out( the last i remember seeing him was last night as i turned off the light and i found him at 2 pm), how long can these guys stay out of water before im finding a dead crab on my kitchen floor? i fixed my lid so hopefully this wont happen again.

FishFreak95 07-16-2009 10:49 AM

Is the aquarium brackish? Fiddler crabs and red claw crabs need brackish water. they can stay out for many hours.

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