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Chevko 08-24-2013 11:19 AM

Guppy Behavior + Appearance question
So, to do a quick explanation over my tank...

I have a hollow cave formation type decoration I got from PetSmart for the three java loaches I've got and a corner piece off a hamster tube in there as well for the fish to use and a feather silk plant plus an Aquatop heater and a sponge filter and plenty of duckweed. I don't have any way of testing my water until Monday and I've recently gone through a partial meltdown of my tank where I lost three fish in the matter of about 5-6 days.

Now, one of my surviving guppies is acting rather shy and nervous and hanging out a lot in a corner with the corner tube it aaaaalmost seems like he's a bit bloated. He's that weird coloration that's white, red and blue, kinda like a pair of jeans but he's not a red tux. His tail's not-quite red, his dorsal is pink, he's got a blue body except for his face and a fantail (the tail is still in the process of coming back after going through finrot then also my betta nearly eating his tail away before I separated them). He used to be dominate guppy in the tank until the issues with his tail to which my red tux, Cardinal, became dominate.

Now, for the physical description, my guppy has a black dot on the upper part of his belly and what looks like maybe a line either north or south of it, I'm not quite sure since he's moved to the back of the tank now. He seems more... full, I guess, than the other two as I stared closely at their bellies and his seems more plentiful than the others. I'm planning on changing out 2-3 gallons tonight or tomorrow to do some cleanup as well as fasting everyone for maybe 2-3 days.

Anyone think it might be nerves and constipation with my guppy? The other two do harass him a bit, but it seemed once more like Cardinal was trying to get him out of his corner because it wasn't nippy, only chasing.

Blah. Sorry if this is too much info for the issue, I'll skim it out if need be >_<

Sakura8 08-26-2013 08:31 PM

How's your guppy? Any change in behavior since you first posted? Do you think you can get a photo of that dot and line?

Chevko 08-26-2013 09:04 PM

His behavior is better he's not hiding in a corner anymore. Right now they're too active for me to get a picture... I think its still there. Next time I can try for a pic would be tomorrow though due to lighting. My phone is not very cooperative with pics.

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Sakura8 08-26-2013 09:05 PM

Very glad to hear his behavior is better. Keep an eye on his eating habits too. If it seems like he is eating a normal amount but his belly looks fuller than it should be, he could have some internal parasite problems.

Chevko 08-26-2013 09:41 PM

my guppies actually very rarely eat food that I put into the tank. I think the pic of algae and eat it instead of the food that I put in. I bet if I put them on to fast that they wouldn't even notice that I'm not feeding them because of the food I put in for the snails. They're constantly pooping even if I've not fed them their flakes. And generally never pay any mind /to/ the flakes.

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