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Sylverclaws 08-23-2013 02:21 PM

German Blue Rams and Cherry Shrimp
So I was wondering...are German Blue Rams and Cherry Shrimp compatible?

I ask because I currently have a female ram who isn't doing so good in my ten gallon, VERY densely planted shrimp tank(moved her there from my planted 55 gallon community tank). I didn't have any available nets, and my other fish were picking at her. =( So she's in there with my shrimp, they certainly can't fit in her mouth, but if she starts getting better soon I'm worried she may kill them...Right now I'm comfortable with her in there...I'm not sure she'll even survive. Not even sure what went on with her. All the parameters in my tanks were good, she just lost her color and started slowing down, looks like she's full of eggs, but just in case I'm treating her for bloat. Other than that, no idea what's up with her.

So yeah...I'm also thinking it'd be a good idea if they get along(it'll be out the window otherwise, I've heard they can get along fine since the shrimp are too big to fit in the mouth, but I want to be sure here, I love my shrimp and I know from personal experience how hard those tiny cichlids can bite!), but in a larger tank. lol Ten gallons is obviously not suited for even those small rams, but again it's temporary until she's feeling better, I just want to know if rams and cherry shrimp can get along.

djembekah 08-23-2013 09:51 PM

I really think she'll try to eat them when she's feeling up to it

Sylverclaws 08-23-2013 09:59 PM

If I see her perk up tomorrow, I'll skedaddle her into the nursery before she finds lunch. I'm not extremely worried since there's dense planting they get into for the night. The babies are big enough for her to be in the nursery, she gets on well with others of the same size in the big tank, I just haven't moved them there yet. She's actually fairly small still, bit over an inch maybe, so I'm not extremely worried about the shr---ok, I am, but the other fish were trying to kill her since she was just hanging around and all of my nets are in use. =( I think she's still growing unless females only get an inch and a quarter or so.

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