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WasabiLime 06-26-2009 03:34 PM

Yesterday I got two fish from a teacher at my mother's school. She's had both of the fish together all year long.
We took them home, cleaned out the tank, put new water in, then let the fish in [once they got used to the water of course].

Today I noticed that the bigger fish [D.A.] is starting to chase the smaller fish [Rhonda] around the tank. He often runs her into the glass and starts beating her up. The former owner said that D.A. has always done this and he often chases Rhonda around and looks as if he's beating her up. Is there any way to stop this? Any ideas as to why he's even doing this? I'm not much of a fish person, so I don't know alot about their behavior. The fish I have had in previous years have never acted this way, so I'm curious as to why these two are.

I took a video of it on my phone [sorry very bad quality].

If you can't see it on PB, here is the YouTube link.

YouTube - DA & Rhonda

Thanks in advance!

Twistersmom 06-26-2009 05:35 PM

He may be trying to mate with her. This has to be putting a lot of stress on the smaller fish. I think it would be best to rehome one of them. Until you can rehome, maybe see if adding some extra plants and places to hide will help.

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