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Lonewolfblue 01-15-2007 11:45 PM

CO2 Mist.....
Would like to post some valuable info for things that I personally have worked with that will greatly increase your plant growth. This is CO2 Mist.

Well, after running my tank for 2 months with mist, and have had explosive results, I thought it was time to share a few things here. Any comments or questions are welcome.

Well to start, I'm now using 100% CO2 mist. No reactors at all. Here's my setup....

On my 29G, I have 1 MaxiJet 600 Powerjet in the lower right corner with a limewood airstone directly under the powerhead. The powerhead is mounted to the right side of the tank, and directed at about a 25-30 degree angle to the back of the aquarium (something you will play with to get the right angle for your setup), and slightly down. This will cause the water and CO2 to deflect off the back wall and then under the plants, so the CO2 will rise through the plants. Bubble rate of 1.5 bubbles per second.

The pics below are on my 75G, 2 Rio 180's and 2 Aquaclear 30 Powerheads.

I also have a Rio 180 powerhead at the top of the tank on the back wall, in the center. It's at the waterline, and the output is straight out and slightly up, creating surface aggitation. Why surface aggitation on a CO2 tank? Two reasons: 1. To bump the O2 levels up. 2. To take the rising CO2 and kick it back down the front glass of the tank and back under the plants, to rise once again through the plants.

Now for my results.....

1. Explosive Growth.
2. My kh is 60 and ph is 6.0 (lowest reading on the test kit, so probably lower).
3. CO2 levels? 102ppm+
4. Fish also doing very well.
5. Extremely minimal algae (What little I do get is just green algae on the glass, and a little on the plant leaves, but hurts nothing.)
6. Minimal plant movement due to placement of the powerheads.

That's all with no reactors and lots of surface aggitation, and only a bubble rate if 1.5 bubbles per second. These results should be able to be accomplished with any DIY setup, if you are getting a consistant 1.5 bubbles per second.

Here's some pics to show this setup....

Left Side Aquaclear

Right Side Aquaclear

Right side Rio 180

Left Side Rio 180

Brandon 01-17-2007 05:10 PM

Thats cool. Your plants look great to. I would try this but its a little to expnsive for a 15 gallon for me, lol.

Lonewolfblue 01-17-2007 06:27 PM

It's actually cheap for a 15G, lol. The tank is small enough to just do DIY, a single 2L bottle. Then run it to a Limewood airstone, then place the airstone directly under a small powerhead, like the Rio 180. And with the tank being that small, you only use 1 powerhead, not 2 or 4. And the Rio is only $9.99, and a couple bucks for the airstone and a check valve, and whatever the cost for the DIY ingredients.

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