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Guppyluver4ever 06-23-2009 05:06 PM

How many Fish can i have?
I already have 2 mollies, 3 platies, 4 guppies, 3 bloodfin tetras and 1 swordtail... and yes I have many livebearers, but there r tons of LFS and they all accept fry, so not to worry about the fry.

Ok so I want to know if I have overstocked my 20 Gallon Tank, and if I could add 1 more baby platy.

2nd Question: Aside from these fish could I add 4 Pristella Tetras, 2 more Bloodfin Tetras, 6 Neon tetras, 2 more mollies, 1 swordtail, 1 bushynose pleco, and 2 more guppies... I know the rule of thumb, but its not true, it all depends on the fish's bioload. I dont know some of these fish that well so i cant judge this myself...these were just ideas, so tell me which I cant have or if i can even add more...


Mikaila31 06-23-2009 05:09 PM

I would leave it as is. Livebearers IMO have a large bioload for there size.

JohnnyD44 06-25-2009 07:31 AM

adding the second list of fish you mentioned will way too much for a 10G to handle, IMO. Why not upgrade to a bigger tank? I saw your 6 or 7 other posts about the same thing....

Guppyluver4ever 06-25-2009 02:45 PM

its a 20 gallon tank, and I am going to upgrade to a 55 gallon, I am so excited!!!

Guppyluver4ever 06-25-2009 02:46 PM

My bad, I thought I had added that in the 2nd Question that the 2nd question is talking about adding that list of fish, plus the fish i already have and put them in a 55 GALLON TANK... thats why some people were getting so mad :)

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