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mags2313 06-23-2009 02:07 PM

Moonlight Gourami with Powder Blue Gourami
I want to move one of my moonlight gourami's out from the 35gal it's in (where there is a second moonlight that is harassing her) and put her into a 55g which also has a powder blue gourami (dwarf gourami)
what are the chances of the blue gourami and the moonlight getting along?

The other moonlight has already nipped off some of her pectoral fin and keeps her in a corner all the time so I want her out of there... Also, will the remaining moonlight be okay by himself.


DragonFish 06-23-2009 03:59 PM

IME with keeping Gourami pairs: one will be harassed, as you've found out, to the point of death even. There is a small chance that the Powder Blue and Moonlight will get along seeing as its a large tank your moving her into, but it really all depends. Are there lots of hiding places in the tank? Is it planted? Though even then I'd expect some aggression.
The aggressor might turn on others in the tank once you take the other Moonlight away, otherwise he'd be fine by himself.
Though, I think if I were in your position I would move the pair of Moonlights into the 55, put the Powder Blue in the 35, and maybe get another Moonlight female(assuming to have a male+female pair)to even out aggression, tank mates and stalking level considered of course before this is done though.

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