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Linds 06-23-2009 01:48 PM

Itty bitty white wormies.

So I've done some quick research and have come up with "Planaria". Although they don't quite look like them. Anyhow, I have just discovered tiny white worms about a half a centimeter in length and maybe one or two millimeters in width. They seemed to come out of the gravel while i was vacuuming it. I found them swimming around in the bucket. I can't see them swimming around the tank at all. I did overfeed recently while I would have been suffering from clouded judgement. So I'm assuming they are due to the excess uneatten food. I have never been one to overfeed, but that's because I normally feed before it's party time (for me). Are they indeed planaria? If not, what are they? Are they harmless, harmful, etc. Also, should I be worried about ridding the tank of them (if they happen to be harmless that is)? One thing I have noticed recently is that the rasboras seem to be having white or clear-ish poop, but I feed them dark coloured food. Are they eating the worms? Sorry for the scarmbled post, I've got a lot on my mind. Many,many thanks and appreciation to any help and info!

Arkamaic 06-23-2009 02:57 PM

What are your parameters? There are several things that could cause Planaria to develop in your tank, one being ammonia levels rising, others are overfeeding and not vacuuming correctly, and among others I'm sure, but I know of these ways.

Top get rid of them, some suggest using dog de-wormers, not sure if you need to remove your fish etc.. most likely but don't know. And others say remove the fish and plants, and raise the temp of your tank high to kill them off.

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