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jodygel 06-22-2009 12:33 AM


i just need to know if i'm overstocked...

10 neons
2 tiger barbs (i know i should have more)
5 puppy males
2 platies
2 gourami

i have a 36Gal tank.

sorry about kepping the email short, i'm just at work and cant really use the internet :)

DragonFish 06-22-2009 10:37 AM

Puppy? You mean Guppy, correct? xD
And I think your okay, I do have a couple questions though....
Are the Platys male and female? Be prepared for lots of fry if so!
And what kind of Gourami? Genders? Two males may fight pretty hard and a male may start harassing a female endlessly when they begin to mature(assuming the ones you have now are young).
IME, its best to keep one Gourami per tank and I would avoid the Blue Gourami species as I had one that was more aggressive then the Cichlids I have now. He killed EVERYTHING in the tank practically save for my giant Pleco and a couple other Gouramis I had, though the other Gouramis were harassed quite a bit. And the Kissing Gourami too, they may be cool looking but they get big and aggressive from what I've read and heard.
Just my experience, though I've heard of people being able to keep them in a community. It depends on the individual fish :)

jodygel 06-22-2009 09:20 PM


Thanks for the help… and sorry about the puppy thing J

Just to answer you questions.
The platys are both male, or this is what my LFS told me… i don’t really want any fry right now as I’m very new to fish keeping and I don’t think I’m ready to look after babies…
The Gourami I got as a gift for the birth day and didn’t really plan on getting any but I couldn’t say now once I saw them J
I think they might both be males, I have one blue with 2 black spots… and one golden also with 2 spots… i don’t know if that helps you in any way… I might just use google to get some more info on them.

Now I have a few more questions.
Seeing as I’m not overstocked what fish do you guys recommend I should add to my tank? I only really want 1 or 2 more… I was thinking about getting Otto’s (spelling), do you think they would work in my tank?

Also I have two hang on filters:AquarWorld 300L per hour… do I need to upgrade to a canister filter?? If I get more fish?

Also I don’t have a water testKit, do I really need one of these? I have had my tank running for 3 months now and I have only lost 2 fish L (in the first 3 weeks).

There is so much more I want to know… but I will save the Q&A for some other time.

Thanks again for all the help.


DragonFish 06-22-2009 10:02 PM

Very pleased to be of help :)

Not that you couldn't have a few fry in your tank, but good to know you went the all male rout. A bit more colorful and less fish to take care of in the long run ;)
xD I don't blame you, a couple Gouramis offered to me as a B-day present I wouldn't be able to say no either, very fond of the species ;) Looks like yo have what I had that was the wholly terror of my tank, Blue Gourami. The other is a Golden Gourami, had a female once and she was pretty sweet :) A good way to tell males from females would be the fins, if their pointed they're males and of they are more rounded they're females. How big are they?
Googling is always good, I like the google machine ;)

Now, to answer your other questions....
I'd add a few more tiger barbs as they enjoy a school and the more you have the less chance of fin nipping from my understanding. I think a minimum if 5-6 is usually recommended? If you want more variety, there are also the green and albinos(my personal fav).

I don't know too much about filters, my knowledge in the technical area of fish keeping is very limited so someone else should answer that one xD. It sounds like you'd be okay though...

Yes, a test kit is a definite must. Knowing the levels of your tank is very important and being able to test at a moments notice is also important. You should test with every water change and preform water changes with a gravel syphon. BUT get the API master liquid test kit, NOT paper strips as they are horribly inaccurate. It may be a little more pricy up front, but in the long run this will save you money and the lives of your fish even. I speak from experience ;)

Again, your welcome and I'm happy to help :) Feel free to ask as many more questions as you like and I'll do my best to answer. Its good to know that your doing your research and asking questions, I wish I hadn't been to lazy two years ago at the beginning to do it xD

Guppyluver4ever 06-23-2009 11:10 AM

I agree to the tiger barbs and no you do not need a canister filter, the canister filter is only really neaded for tanks that are about 75 gallons or up, so dont worry about it and the testing kit is necessary.

jodygel 06-23-2009 05:38 PM

hey guys

thanks for all the help :)

i will get 3 more trigers but only next month, i want to give my tank a few more days before adding more fish.
do you think i could also add 3 otto's... i think i might be pushing my luck adding 6 more fish.

thanks again

DragonFish 06-23-2009 06:03 PM

Your very welcome and the best of luck! I'd like to see some pictures as well after you get your school of Tigers going, always been fond of Tiger Barbs :-)

I wouldn't go for Ottos unless your having a very bad Algae problem. I have never had any problems with mine, but then again my 20 gallon has a terrible algae issue. I've heard that they won't usually accept prepared foods too and I've never seen mine eat the Algae wafers I add more my Dwarf Pleco....that doesn't mean they're not though so I can't speak from experience in that area. Anyway, I'd avoid them and go for just scraping the Algae off if you have just a little bit :-)

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