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klutchewsky 06-20-2009 05:03 PM

I Need Ideas For A Reptile Tank
Hi there everyone. Well I got my 30Gallon fish tank going however today a friend of mine gave me his 33gallon tank. I will now be using this 33 gallon setup for a reptile tank. I've never had a reptile before so this is all new to me. I need some ideas on what to get, and what will be easy but "cool" to have. I'm a quick learner so I tend to keep care for the animals I have.

So throw out some ideas for spiders...

SamG 06-21-2009 10:17 PM

I don't know if you'll have much luck finding something easy, but there are lots of reptiles that are cool! :-) I've always thought green anoles were pretty neat, and I'm fairly sure they would stay small enough for a 33 gallon. Some of my favorite lizards are bearded dragons, but I believe that they grow to large for that size of tank. Apart from reptiles, poison dart frogs are pretty neat, although from what I've read they might be a little tricky to take care of. Land hermit crabs (a kind of crustaceans, distantly related to shrimp) are pretty awesome too. (Here is my 55g land hermit crab tank, in case you're interested: 55g land hermit crab tank - 55 gallon Non-Aquatic fish tank ) Anyway, whatever you decide to get, just be sure to do plenty of research and post lots of pics! :mrgreen:

FishFreak95 06-27-2009 12:20 PM

soft shell turtles!!!!! It wouldn't be a permanent home for them because they can get large.

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