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mwarsell 08-18-2013 11:25 PM

Dwarf pencilfish
Do they really jump out from the tank?

I'm looking for tank mates for my apistogramma borellii harem, and these little fellows seem very suitable, but I'm concerned about the jumping.

I need to keep the lid of my tank partially uncovered since otherwise my frogbits parch.

Can anyone suggest a non-jumpy tank mates for the apistogramma who stay at the top level of the tank? Thanks.

Sakura8 08-19-2013 01:27 AM

From what I know, most any fish is capable of jumping out of the tank, it's just some are more prone to it than others. Since you have frogbit, the pencilfish may not be as likely to jump because they'll have the floating cover that makes them comfortable. Another thing you can try is lowering the water level a bit.

I love a. borelli and hope to have some of my own someday. :)

Tracy Bird 08-20-2013 09:17 PM

Dwarf Pencils are wonderful additions to Apistogramma, but they will jump...

However with your frog bit you probably have very good cover which will help contain them. A lot of what works is learned though trial and error, so with he frog bit as cover i think you will be okay and I'd give them a try.

Hopefully with the additions of the pencils your harem will produce some spawns.

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