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yippee 06-12-2009 01:54 AM

Few questions about Penguin 100 filter
I bought a 350 quite a while back for my 55. It ran for probably half a year before the fish (free with the tank, and very old at that) died. While it was running it had some general running sounds. I suggested the 150 to my cousin who just purchased it for his 20 gallon and loves it. His makes a slight noise from what he said over the phone. He described it as a rattling noise from what he believes is the top cover not fitting snug. He said it makes a very slight sound but nothing much. I bought my girlfriend a 100 for her 10 gallon puffer tank for her birthday. We got it running and it makes more noise than i've ever heard a filter make. It makes the sort of rattling sound that my cousins does plus it makes a 'running sound' that it isn't supposed to make. I've messed with everything on it and cannot make it be quiet. It's basically where you can hear it running but it's much louder than it should be. Does anybody have suggestions or ideas? Anybody else had this problem? If i cannot figure something out it will be going back.

Unrulyevil 06-12-2009 12:37 PM

I'm currently own 2 penguin filters the 150 and 200 series. love 150.. almost no sound. 200 makes more noise but not to point that you cant stand.. as a matter of fact... tank with 200 is in my bedroom and I have no problem falling a sleep.

there are 2 parts in that filter that can vibrate while filter is on and make more noise than what it actually makes. first part is a filter cover, second is impaler (i hope i got it right) While filter is on you need to play around with impaler, sometimes it does not sit properly so you have to move it up.. maybe or press it down more firmly. But that's what worked for me.. The "motor" it self can not make a lot of noise since there is really no motor..

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